If I sat Zelda down at her tiny white table and presented her with a chocolate candy and a piece of cheese she would choose the cheese every time. Since she has such an affinity for this yummy snack, I’ve been inspired to make her a little kid-friendly cheese plate for every holiday. I’ve also been trying to incorporate her in the kitchen. She loves to help and really enjoys the process of creating something with me. I’ve found that she can safely cut just about anything with a cookie cutter so making our favorite sliced cheese into ghosts was a no brainer! When I saw these pirate hook picks form Oriental Trading I knew they had to be on our cheese plate, they were too cute to pass up.
We added strawberries, pomegranate seeds and butter crackers (another Z fave) and cuddled right up on the couch to continue our Halloween movie fest. It’s hard to believe where she is at cognitively compared to her first Halloween! Two years ago we were sitting on the couch feeding her a bottle and this year we’re dancing in the living room and watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Oh the difference time makes! How do you and your babes celebrate Halloween? Tell me in the comments below.

Photo Credit & Food Styling: Leah Nolan


Orange Polka Dot Straws // Day of the Dead Straws // Spooky Soiree Cups // Pirate Hook Picks

Halloween Cheese Plate
  • Prep time:5min
  • Total time:10min
  • Yield: 1
  • Serves: 2

Since my little one has such an affinity for cheese, I’ve been inspired to make her a little kid-friendly cheese plate for every holiday.

  • 1-2 Sleeves Butter Crackers
  • 4 Cheddar Cheese Slices
  • 4 Provolone Cheese Slicesa
  • ¼ Cup Mozzarella Balls
  • 8-10 Strawberries
  • ¼ Cup Pomegranate Seeds
  • 3 oz. Prosciutto
  • 3 oz. Ham
  • 8-12 Pepperoni Slices
  1. Use a ghost cookie cutter to cut the cheese slices.
  2. Tear the prosciutto and ham into smaller pieces. Slide the prosciutto, ham and pepperoni onto the pirate hooks.
  3. Assemble everything on the plate and commence snacking!

The pirate hooks and spooky cups are from Oriental Trading!

Author: Glitter and Bubbles