The first thing I knew I wanted to do in Zelda’s nursery was paint stripes on the ceiling. After all, she will be spending a lot of time looking up! Unless you are a DIY master I do not recommend painting stripes on the ceiling yourself. However, if you do decide to go it alone I highly recommend using easy stripe tape. You can use this amazing stuff on anything from walls, to ceilings, to furniture.
The first and only part of the process we did ourselves was measuring out how large each stripe should be (believe me this was a painstaking process, thankfully my fiancé did this!). After that our painters took over and they did an amazing job! I’m absolutely obsessed with the chandelier we picked up at The Land of Nod. It really pulls the room together! Looking for a little bit more nursery decor inspiration? Check out  my nursery decorating tips The Land of Nod Blog.