Last week everything was cupcakes and lollipops in Zelda’s world, despite the fact that she was teething.  She made it through with her ‘Z’ Lollipop and is smiling through the struggle of growing her little baby teeth. It was so much fun making her special cupcake background, and now your little one can have one of their very own.

This is an awesome project to tackle with your kid’s if they are of painting age! You just need acrylic paint, glitter glue, a paintbrush, washi tape, white Butcher’s paper, a cupcake template, and a lollipop template.

Zelda-Looks Begin by printing 20-30 of each template. Cut out the lollipop and cupcake shapes and paint them with the paint colors of your choice. Next, use the glitter glue to make sparkly sprinkles and bows!  Create a pattern on the Butcher’s paper using washi tape, and then attach your cupcakes and lollipops with double sided tape. Enjoy your candy covered backdrop!