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First off, can I say how awesome you guys are for the support of my new podcast ‘We All Have One’?! From the outpouring of love on our Instagram account to the review section, I TRULY TRULY appreciate it! Please keep the reviews coming (here) if you haven’t left one already because it helps us climb the ranks on the podcast lists and means exciting things for the future of the show!

If you hadn’t heard that I started a podcast, well…I did…and I’m freaking EXCITED about it! You can learn more about it here but The ‘We All Have One’ is a podcast that isn’t afraid to discuss the stories we all have – even the really messy ones. From business ideas to overbearing-in-laws to dreams of leaving your uninspiring job, come along for epic stories alongside tangible advice for succeeding and surviving through life’s unfiltered moments.

I kicked off the show with a topic that I don’t think is talked about enough in this current ‘girl boss’ culture we’re livin in. The question of ‘Do I Have a Business or a Hobby?’ and more specifically, “Should I Start a Company or What?’.

Yes, it’s awesome that there are more small businesses than ever right now, and yes it’s exciting that so many young people are jumping into entrepreneurship, and yes it’s dope that you can work from your house in your sweatpants eating cereal for dinner or make your own hours…but, here’s the thing: it ain’t that freaking easy. 

Entrepreneurship has been so glossified by our culture that everyone thinks they want to be one. Being a blogger or influencer or the next major boss seems exciting, fun, and almost easy right? WRONG.

In fact, 9/10 small businesses actually FAIL. They don’t work. They leave you without a job. You work your ass off and they simply don’t pan out. And what’s more? Even if you do succeed, most small businesses have no immediate return…aka you ain’t making a dime for a while.

I know, this sounds scary as sh*t if you were hoping this episode would be all butterflies and rainbows about going into business yourself, but as I mention in this podcast’s intro, this show is all about TRUTH. Facts. Realness. And those facts above are as real as it gets. I do have some good news though! For the people out there who want to start a biz, you can absolutely do it. You can succeed, you can be the exception, and you can be that 1/10 who kill it. You can work for yourself, make money, and you can be the next great entrepreneur. You just gotta know how – and I’m your girl to guide you to that answer. From my own experience starting a successful company at age 21 (truth!), to what you need to consider before jumping into a side hustle, to understanding whether your hobby could succeed as a business or should be left as a hobby – this episode will be super clarifying.



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I also dive deep into what starting a business actually looks like in those first couple years (hint: it’s a lot of Panera Bread soup + figuring sh*t out). I talk about a few KEY elements of a successful business – ones you really can’t succeed without. And so much more. 

If you’ve ever thought about starting a business or are being persuaded by your friends or partner to turn your baking skills into a bakery, listen to Episode 1 first, OK? Promise me?

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Thanks for listening! Stay tuned for Episode 2 which goes even deeper into what it takes to run a business.