Bubble Valentines

Bubbles are a little’s best friend (sometimes us adults, too!) and we love that they are extremely cost friendly. You can grab a pack of 3 for $1 at the Dollar Tree, and you can even get them in the same pink, red and purple color scheme that we used! Since we love them so much (it is part of our name!), we had to create a fun Valentine to give out to our friends who make our hearts pop.heart-popMATERIALS

Small Sized Bubbles from the Dollar Tree

Glitter & Bubbles Template


Sticker Paper


1. Start by placing your printer paper in the tray. Then, download and print out our “You Make My Heart Pop” bubble labels. While they are printing, take the current labels on the bubbles off.

2. After the labels are done printing, cut them out along the dashed lines.

3. Then, adhere the label onto the bottle and press down to smooth, starting from the middle and then working your way outwards. While pressing the label down, slowly wrap it around the bottle.

4. That’s it! You can also attach tags for a personalized option.bubble-diy

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