We immediately fell in love with this Nashville, TN mom the minute she said she loves “finding a great bargain” (Hooray!).  With two cutie babies and two furry four legged friends, this mom loves all things fashion – and that includes sparkly baubles, shoes, handbags, and more handbags!
This rad mom also has an endless array of beauty products that she is constantly experimenting with and when you throw a cupcake in the mix – this makes for a very happy (and unbelievably cool) mom that we want to hang with. You can follow her adventures on KB Styled or on Instagram!
Illustration by The Unexpected Type
Littles Names & Ages: Reins Webb age 5 (turning 6 on 2/6/16) & Addison Webb age 4
Top Beauty Product You Must Have as a Mom: Merle Norman’s Super Lube…I carry it everywhere and keep it on hand for chapped lips (both mine and the kiddos), dry hands, etc.  In the summer, I also dab a little bit on my cheeks to give myself a natural glow!
Favorite Lipstick Color: My all-time favorite lipstick color is MAC’s “Ruby Woo”…I have a thing for a gorgeous red lip!
Top 3 Pieces Kids Gear: Since my littles are no longer babies, I don’t have a need for so much “gear” anymore BUT we always carry their little backpacks with coloring books, crayons, and Play-doh to ensure that we have something to entertain them in a pinch.  I also still carry baby wipes wherever we go…they are great for keeping the kids clean and also cleaning tables at restaurants, etc…I know it’s a little OCD but hey, it works.
Favorite Kids Clothing Brand: I absolutely love Old Navy for my kiddos…the clothes are super cute and affordable and I don’t find myself panicking that they may destroy their clothes.
Activity You Love to do With Your Littles: We love to play games of all sorts together…sometimes it is hide-and-go-seek, sometimes it is tackle football, and other times it may be Go Fish, but whatever game it is, this is when we have the most fun and find ourselves laughing a lot.  We also love to have little dance parties!
Your Secret Obsession When You Get an Hour to Yourself: Honestly…take a nap!  I always have a checklist of things I would like to do like catch up on reading all of my magazines, but by the time I stop for a spare moment for myself, I’m drifting off, haha!
Closet Staple That You Can’t Live Without: A great pair of soft relaxed jeans.
Your Favorite Go-To Recipe That Your Children Love: Mini bagel pizza bites – click here to get the recipe.

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