I’m the kind of woman who operates off a handful of beauty products on a daily basis. They usually rotate by season, but I like to have core products that I know are really, really good. That way, you don’t need some huge collection to do your thing. And now that I’m looking down the barrel of another hot Chicago summer, I’m reaching for my tried-and-true bronzed beach makeup essentials.

Bronze beach essentials Corri Mcfadden swears by for the summer.

You know when you get back from vacation and you’ve got an amazing tan going and you just feel flawless? That’s how these products make me feel and I’ve used them for years. They give me that fresh-off-a-Caribbean-cruise vibe all while never leaving the Chicago city limits. Well, these and my sunless tanner arsenal.

So if you’re looking for bronzed beach products that don’t break the bank and will give you that warm bronze that screams summer, I’ve got four that you need ASAP.

Tartlette Toasted Eyeshadow Palette

If I had to choose one eyeshadow palette to use for the rest of my life, this would probably be it. It’s that good. It’s $50, which may seem pricey for eyeshadow, but it comes with 12 colors and will absolutely be the only palette you need all summer long (or maybe ever). There are plenty of neutral mattes and shimmers so you can mix up your look, no problem. I’m honestly in love and can’t suggest it enough.

Estes Lauder Bronzer on the beach.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess “Heat Wave” Illuminating Powder

I’m not sure I ever knew what a quality bronzing powder was until I found this baby. It has blown me away. Its packaging and presentation are beautiful and it goes on like silk. You can use it on your eyes or on your cheeks like a blush – it’s great for multi-tasking. For that I-just-got-back-from-vacation glow, I’d use this and a lip gloss and call it good. Easy, how summer should be!

Tarte Pro Glow Liquid Highlighter: Stunner

I may or may not be having a moment with Tarte. I don’t know what it is, but I’m just loving everything of theirs and this highlighter is no exception. (I’m also obsessing over their eyeliner, which I talk about in this post!). This highlighter shade, “stunner,” works for all skin tones and goes on crazy smooth. If you’ve been hesitant to try a liquid highlighter, I challenge you to take the chance on this one because it’s so user-friendly. Truly worth trying, ladies!

Three Urban Decay lip glosses to use at the beach.

Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine “Savage” Lipgloss

OK, I would honestly never recommend a lip gloss unless I really thought it was legit, and this one is. I say this because so many things can go wrong with lip glosses. They can be sticky and tacky on the lips, which just brings me back to my childhood and playing with “toy” makeup or that awful clear Mac gloss we all used to wear. No one wants that as an adult! This gloss is worth every penny and it’s very high quality. It gives good pigment, goes on smooth, and gives a glisten instead of that over-the-top gloss finish.

And that’s my collection of go-to beauty products for a bronzed beach look. I guarantee you’re going to love all of them and wonder how you ever did summer without them!