84Rockwell founder & designer, Bridget McDermott, started her journey growing up on Chicago’s south side at 84th and Rockwell– the primary inspiration for the name of her rad luxury handbag line.
With the mindset of being proud of who you are and what you can become, Bridget’s career led her to coveted positions at The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNBC and NBC. Throughout her experiences, she found herself surrounded by talented, fearless women which propelled her forward.
Her next accomplishment? 3 littles and a family! Her precious time as a mom left her with the impression that her next production in life could be nothing short of amazing. In 2014, she launched 84Rockwell, a line of ridiculously chic luxury handbags manufactured in Chicago and made in the USA. Her debut bag, the The Xrossover is the ultimate power bag she designed to simplify the complex women. We are obsessed to say the least! Follow her adventures on Instagram at 84Rockwell.
Top beauty product you must have as a mom: Does a venti non-fat latte count?! Outside of that glorious reward, I have two. The M-61 Fast Blast 2-Minute Vitamin C Facial Mask…I rarely have time to get a facial or even do a 15 mask at home…This 2 minute facial is amazing…I use it before an event or a night out. It just gives you an instant boost. My skin always feels and looks so fresh.
I also couldn’t live without my eyebrows! I don’t leave the house without “putting” on my brows. Benefit’s Gimme Brow is hands down my favorite. I gave one each to all my friends last year for Christmas. It’s a game changer.
Favorite Lipstick Gloss: Favorite lip gloss is Boy Bait by Mac. I love it!!! Love the texture, the smell and the color is perfect. I think it works on every palette. But for me, it has just the right amount of pink and nude. I also have been a huge fan of The Lip Slip by Sara Happ since it came on the market. It’s clear, but has a tiny little shimmer…great for throwing on after a workout and still perfect for a GNO.
Top 3 Pieces of Kids Gear: Now that my kids are getting older – I have to say it’s been great to get rid of the strollers and the big pieces that come along with the littles. Soooooo….since we love to travel, the i-Pad is essential. The kids just don’t sit there and watch movies and play video games all day. We’ve downloaded some really great educational games and learning tools for them. They get a good balance from all of their Apple products.
My kids just want to be outside playing basketball, riding their bikes and swimming, truly any sport will make them happy. So, great weather is one of my top 3 must haves for the kiddos. And – TOMS has a new backpack line available. My daughter loves her bag – big enough for all her needs and comes in some fab prints. It’s called the standup bag. It actually does stand up, but it also means to stand up to bullying…For every bag purchased TOMS will help stop bullying, one youth at a time. It’s part of their one for one campaign.
Favorite Kids Clothing Brand: Wildfox is my favorite for the girls. Everything is so comfy, wearable and hip. Appaman for the little, big guy. I think the quality is great and it’s cool for the boys. I do love Old Navy for all of their knock around gear and I always find a fun little piece of flair. They are all rocking their Stan Smith’s for Adidas too! My kids are in private school which is a big help with the morning routine. So on the weekends it’s nice to have some fun pieces for them to show off their own sense of style.
Activity you love to do with your littles: Travel! My kids are great travelers. They have been on airplanes since 3 months old. I think it’s so important to start them young and expose them to as much culture and as many beautiful environments as possible. We’ve been blessed with three kids who can roll with it…if we are staying near the city – we love to escape up to our lake house.
We live in the heart of Chicago, so getting them out of the hustle and bustle is important. They can run all over the beach and feel like they are on vacation- even though it’s only an hour away from the city.
Your secret obsession when you get an hour to yourself: I may be the president of Andy Cohen’s fan club. I love to watch all the Bravo reality shows. It’s entertaining, an escape…but, honestly, I love to watch it for the fashion. Ladies of London are by far the best dressed in my book.
Closet staple that you can’t live without: Ohhhh, that is a tough one. Shopping is my Prozac. I have lots of pieces I can’t live without. But, currently for the fall season – I would say my Jimmy Choo Motorcycle Boots. I can throw them on with my sweat pants to get the kids to school, I can wear them with a great jean for lunch and I can style them for a night time look with a great little dress.
Oh – and of course…my 84Rockwell belt bag. I am obsessed with belt bags – always have been and always will be…try one for the weekend and it will change you. Lastly, I love, love, love my robe. At the end of the day I just want to put my robe on and watch Bravo. It’s my Barefoot Dreams robe and it’s heaven.
Your favorite go-to recipe that your child loves? My kids are at the age that they want to help me with dinner. So, I find Taco Tuesday a great way to be healthy and let the kids pitch in. And, at least I know that every Tuesday is covered! We do Turkey Tacos and obviously that’s a no brainer. But, the kids want to help – so they can brown the turkey, while the others cut up all the pretty, colorful veggies. They set the table and feel responsible and at this age that’s what’s most important. Click here to get the recipe!
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