When you’re young and in your twenties, you think you can beat the system and life will never catch up with you or your face (at least that was me). When I would listen to women talk about fillers and Botox I would immediately associate it with a catlike look. You know, the look where women seem to have popped out of clay and have a facial structure that matches that of an exotic cat. This notion is what scared the shit out of me when I thought about doing anything to my face. But after a few stressful years, a child and about seven hundred sleepless nights, my face started to look like a map. In 2017 I decided one of my resolutions was to fix things that bother me, so I decided to do something about it. I didn’t do it for anyone else. It was all about what I wanted. Every time I looked at photos and saw those lines around my eyes it just drove me crazy.
Botox at Pinski Dermatology
I went and visited my friends at Pinski Dermatology and consulted Dr. Pinski on what he thought was best for me. As expected, he suggested that a little Botox around my eyes would solve my problem. Not only would this treatment smooth out my lines, it would help open my eyes too. When I smile I have a little bit of a squint (I always thought I was just tired) and I was happy to hear I could solve two problems with one treatment. Before my visit I had a ton of misconceptions about Botox that Dr. Pinski demystified. I’ve included them below, just in case you have the same questions I did.
A before and after image of Botox on crow's feet.
While I’m not a proponent of sneaking around, if your man doesn’t want you to get it, think about who you’re doing it for. Spiro had no idea I had it done and kept complimenting me on how well-rested I looked, which is the only reason I ended up telling him about my visit. I wasn’t being sneaky, it was just something I wanted to do for myself and I didn’t want anyone else’s input. You should do it if you want it done, I highly recommend it. If you’re in the Chicago area or visiting soon, Pinski is the man. He knows how to administer it correctly and won’t turn your experience into a Botox nightmare. Do not go to just anyone, do your research and find someone who has an amazing reputation. Take a peek at their client photos and make sure you like their look.
I promise you won’t look like a cat, that only happens when fillers are overdone and injected improperly and that is for another conversation (but not really because I won’t be getting fillers). If you visit Dr. Pinski, be sure to let him know I sent you, you’ll receive $50 off your first visit! I’m not plugging his service because I’m getting something in return, I’m just watching out for you. From mom to mom, I’ve got your back (and your face too!).
Five Misconceptions About Botox
You look will look fake or frozen and it will be easy to tell you’ve had work done. This is not the case! When administered properly, you will still be able to show expression. Be clear with your doctor about the type of results want to achieve.
Botox hurts. Also, not true! At most, it feels like an uncomfortable pinch. If you are super sensitive to pain, just ask your doctor to treat you with a topical numbing cream beforehand.
Botox never leaves your body. False! Botox is naturally metabolized within 4-6 months after receiving an injection. It stays where it is injected (with possible migration of up to 1 centimeter) and is bound within 40 minutes in the muscle where it is injected. There is no progressive accumulation.
Your face will puff up and you’ll have to miss work. Another falsehood, Botox has no down time. The treatment takes about 10 minutes and once injections are over you can continue with your day as if nothing happened.
Botox is really expensive. While prices vary depending upon what area you are treating, Botox costs less than most airline tickets. When I had my crow’s feet done, I spent less than $250. Millions of people receive Botox every day.