Pack a lunch your little one will be proud to show their friends! Adding an extra special touch or two will make them feel loved when they are at school. You can do this using things you probably already have in your house. Begin by creating a custom brown paper lunch bag. You will need a brown bag, an ink pad, and a stamp of your choice. lunch-bag Place the stamp in the ink and then press the stamp on the brown paper bag. Repeat this until the entire bag is covered. Voila, you’re finished! crown-stamp Next, choose your lunch sides and place them in zip lock bags. I chose raspberries, grapes, and pretzel sticks. lunch-sides Instead of going the traditional sandwich route, send your child to school with book sandwiches. This is a great project your little one can help you with! You will need white tortilla shells, turkey, pepper jack cheese, and food coloring markers. Starting in the center, cut 4 ¼ x 2 ¾ rectangles from the tortillas (you should get two rectangles per tortilla). Next, cut the turkey and pepper jack cheese slices into 1 ¾ inch x 2 ½ inch rectangles. meat-and-cheese Create a stack of 5 slices, alternating the turkey and cheese (these will be the book pages). meet-and-cheese-stacks Place each 5 slice stack into the tortilla rectangles and fold over to create a book. sandwich-book Using the food coloring markers, write the title of the book on each sandwich. Admire your super cute creation! lunch-packing The perfect finishing touch to any lunch is a special note! Cut out a heart from colored paper, write your message, and assemble the lunch. Send it on its way with your little one to school, they will have the best lunch in the cafeteria! Want to make lunch even better? Shop lunch accessories: