I’ve been in Greece for a while now and was feeling inspired by all the swimsuits I’ve been wearing to put together a little roundup on black and white swimwear. I personally love to travel with black and white swimsuits because both colors go with everything. Plus, it’s really easy to interchange tops and bottoms. You can pack five or six pieces and have lots of looks while also making the most of the space in your suitcase. Because I don’t know about you, but I like to pack in a way that allows a lot of individual pieces to be mixed and matched rather than having very specific outfits.

So anyway, if you’re heading somewhere tropical or live in year-round beach weather, here are some black and white pieces I’m loving!

Mother Daughter Black and White Swimwear Ideas on Glitter and Bubbles.
Corri McFadden wears a black and white swimsuit on a boat in Greece.

The Black & White One-Piece

One pieces are crazy this year. They’re literally everywhere and because they’re so popular and trendy, there are some really weird cuts going on. It can be difficult to find “normal” ones because many of the trendy options are cut super high. And this mom isn’t having any of that. I selected some very comfortable cuts—they’re not too high and you don’t have to be supermodel thin to wear them. But of course, they’re still super stylish and easy to wear as well.

I’m absolutely loving one pieces because if you have a kid like me, you find yourself running all over the place (aka in some kind of compromising position 24/7). It’s just easier to keep things flattering in a one piece. I also love them because they can be styled in the evening with trousers or jeans as a body suit. Win-win!



The black and white cover up on Glitter and Bubbles.

The Black & White Two-Piece

Two pieces are the best because they are interchangeable, which as I said above, is key! You’ll literally have enough options to wear a different suit every day for weeks.

I chose some flattering cuts that go perfectly with running after a kid. Because let’s be honest, you’re never actually just laying flat in a chair. You’re up, you’re sitting, you’re running, so it’s all about comfort and finding a cut that works or your body, not against it.



Zelda of Glitter and Bubbles wears a two piece from J Crew in Greece.

The Black & White Cover Up

Cover-ups are one of my favorite things when it comes to swimwear. A cover-up that can be worn straight from the beach to dinner is my jam. I honestly live in a cover-up from the time I get up to the time I go to bed so I need options that can carry me through the day. The ones I’ve linked here are stylish enough that you don’t necessarily look like you came straight from the beach to dinner, but casual enough to be worn 24/7.



Mother daughter swimwear in Greece.

Black & White Accessories

These are all just really great pieces to try. If you’re not into spending big bucks on a super trendy swimsuit, then I highly recommend going outside your comfort zone with accessories. I love the heart-shaped sunglasses that have been around this summer or the cool and different shaped shades by Le Spec. Tons of fun and a great way to elevate your style.

The best bathing suits for girls.

Swimwear for Your Mini

If you’re a mom that loves to coordinate with your kids, you’re going to be in heaven with these options. I absolutely love to coordinate Zelda with everything I wear so these are all super cute, fashionable suits for your daughter that can be perfectly matched to yours. If you’ve never gone this route, try it. I guarantee you’ll soon be obsessed. I am. 




Zelda and Corri visit Greece and wear their favorite black and white swimwear.

And that’s all from Greece for now. I hope you find a suit, cover up or accessory that makes you want to hit the beach!