As I’ve watched Zelda grow and really begin to play and interact with other kids (both her age and beyond), I started to think about something that I hadn’t in a while. What does it truly mean to share the sacred relationship of a best friend with someone? I mean this is the person that you are declaring to be your closest ride or die and to whom you’ve committed to have a profoundly deep and important relationship with. When we were younger it seemed like our BFF’s would change with each passing summer.

There were many important factors that would come into play when choosing just who would fill this spot including, who lived next door, who you shared the ride to softball practice with, who was going to the same summer camp, and possibly most importantly, who loved Punky Brewster as much as you?! At that point in time, those were the most important things in our lives. In these days we maintained our bond with special handwritten coded letters passed along between classes, long phone calls after school and our deepest secrets shared while at a sleepover. And of course, the coveted BFF necklace!

This is a giveaway by Glitter and Bubbles for an Iconery best friends necklace.
Fast forward twenty years. You have a full time career, children, and well lets just say shit got real and you are very much living this thing called life with real adult issues. There’s no time for those two hour nightly phone conversations and handwritten notes, though we do find ourselves missing them. Maintaining those special bonds can be tricky, especially in today’s world. It’s so easy to fall back on those tight relationships as validation to make an excuse that you don’t have time to call because you need to get the baby down, or make dinner, hop on a plane for work, basically the list can go on forever if you let it.

Recently I read a quote, “We have to learn how to redesign our patterns and communication to bridge the gap,” and it really got me thinking. What can I rework in my life to make more time for my friends and most of all my best friend? While I may not be able to stay on the phone for hours, I can use my 20 minute commute to call and ask how she’s doing. Shooting her a text with a funny picture that reminds me of one of our inside jokes will make us both laugh and brighten our days. Small actions say a lot, and help keep that bond strong.

One way I’ve chosen to keep the friendship strong is to give my ride or die a BFF necklace. The nostalgic aspect feels so perfect for our bond, they were huge when we were growing up! This one by Iconery is great because it’s simple and gorgeous, which is true of all their pieces. Every time it’s worn it brings back all the memories we’ve made together, and all those that are to come.

If you’re as in love with this Best Friends Necklace as I am, you’re in luck! Iconery is generously giving one away to one lucky winner! If you’re not familiar with Iconery, it’s time. They have beautiful fine jewelry for all tastes and styles. The pieces are stunning layered or worn alone, and after one look I think you’ll find they’re exactly what your wardrobe is missing! While they do have their own line of pieces, they also pull in some super rad designers like Luv AJ and Stone Fox Bride, to name a few.

This beautiful Best Friends Necklace in 14K yellow gold is valued at $825.00, and you can enter by answering the following question in the comments below: 

What’s an easy and fun way you maintain your bond with your best friend as you move through adulthood?
Entry Deadline is April 22, 2016 8pm CST and you must be at least 18 years of age and a U.S. resident to enter.