There is no time that you want  to look better than in the summer. After testing a candy shop full of products I am confident these easy to use beauty essentials are sure to never fail you.
EOS Smooth Lip Balm: This lip balm is my favorite one on the market. It’s perfect for year round use, you should stash one in every bag. $3.50
Tarte Lip Tint: Who doesn’t love their own perfect personalized shade of pink? This naturally adapts to your skins PH, and it’s perfect for a no fuss summer lip. $24
Benefit BeneTint: The perfect tint. You can use it on your cheeks or your lips, it’s essential for every girl’s summer kit! $30
Color Wow Root Color: If you’re taking an extended vacation or just can’t make it to the salon, this is a great product to tide you over. Covers gray and regrowth! $34.50
Rockaholic Dry Shampoo: After testing more dry shampoos than I can count, this one remains the best in my book! An easy way to make that blowout last 4 to 5 days. $21
Essie Summer Collection Nails: These are perfect summer colors, wear one or wear them all at the same time! $17
Essie Corrector Pen: This is the perfect tool for the girl that can only paint one hand neatly! $14
Prada Candy: Who doesn’t love candy!? Notes of vanilla, musk, caramel. $62
Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh: Nice summery light fragrance in a gorgeous bottle. This leaves the skin smelling fresh with notes of raspberry, rose and musk! $78
Vera Wang Roller Ball: Perfect for traveling, store this in your purse, beach bag, or carry on. Notes of waterlily, chocolate and amber. No need to ditch your fragrance, this is the perfect size! $18
Tea Tree Oil Foot Spray: Keep your feet fresh with this great spray. $9 Tea Tree Oil Foot Wipes: Great for the beach, always be a step ahead with these great wipes! $7
Bliss Foot Patrol: Use this daily to make your feet soft and silky (if you can, get get another set of hands to do it for you)! $18
ULTA Dual Action Cleaning System: This system is very affordable and great for the face. It will make your skin glow year round! $21.25