I solved a massive problem this month. Zelda had taken it upon herself to decide bath time was no longer a thing, which resulted in a serious battle each night. Luckily, I found a little something that allowed me to bribe her into the tub (sometimes it’s a must!). Read below to see what this amazing item is, plus see what outerwear we’re swooning over, how I’m fighting winter skin and more! What’s been your biggest kid battle this month? Tell me in the comments below so I know I’m not alone.

LOL Surprise Fizz BallsLOL Surprise Fizz Balls: Zelda decided it was time to make bath time a little more difficult and attempted to boycott baths all together. This drove me crazy for a few days until I discovered LOL Surprise Fizz Balls. If you’re child loves LOL Dolls, make sure you buy the fizz balls because they are about half the price and have a secret charm inside for your babe to add to their necklace. How cool is that? Remember those erasers and stickers we collected in our youth, and how excited we got over them? It’s the same kind of love (or at least that is what I tell myself every time I purchase one).






Target Kids Outerwear Collection

Target Outerwear: Target has done it again! I used to consider it a win if I left the store with spending less than $100, but in 2017 my new goal seems to be $200. If they keep it up, it will go up to $300 in 2018! Why is everything in there so good?! The Target outerwear for kids this season is out of control. I’m obsessed with this kids’ faux fur coat and this one too. Right now, it’s buy one get one half off on all kids clothing. If you haven’t scooped up a coat for your little, now is the time. If you have, why not grab one more? After all, every girl needs a multicolor faux fur coat. You know it is true!

Zelda’s  Coat: FabKids





Skinceuticals Ce Ferulic: Winter is right around the corner and its arrival quickly shows up on my skin. If I could only choose one product for the entire winter season it would be Skinceuticals Ce Ferulic Acid. This preventative treatment is packed with Vitamins C, E and Ferulic Acid. It maximizes the performance of antioxidants in your skin and creates a warm glow. In a nutshell, it is magic in a bottle. Always remember, prevention is key. Don’t wait for something to show up on your face before you try to treat it. We’re not welcoming its arrival. I will warn you, this isn’t cheap so be careful with the bottle – don’t spill it.






Swissotel Santa Suite: If you haven’t seen my Swissotel Santa Suite recap, I don’t know where you’ve been, but you need to check it out right now. We had the most amazing evening as a family (one of the best we’ve ever had). And guess what? We’re giving away one night’s stay at the suite for 2018 so make sure you enter! If you live in Chicago, visiting Santa at the Swissotel is key. It is free on the weekends and is the most magical room you will ever see. There is no line and if you’re a parent, I don’t need to say more. I hope to see you there!







Head of Christ, c.1495 - Leonardo da Vinci

Michael Chriswell’s YouTube Channel: Jesus is the reason for the season and the reason for every day. I’ve been trying to make an honest and conscious effort to have Jesus at the forefront of my family’s lives. In doing that, I recently discovered a YouTube channel by Michael Chriswell. He is an amazing man who is very honest about his journey in faith. His messaging is both rich and honest. I find myself looking forward to getting ready each morning so I can listen to him. His videos have helped me create peace on my journey back to Jesus.

Photo: Head of Christ by Leonardo da Vinci