Barrett Prendergast
Barrett Prendergast is the chef and owner of Valleybrink Road, a boutique catering company based in Atwater Village in Los Angeles. Her company has some seriously cool offerings, like on-site personal chef services, catering and sweet gift boxes.
She loves cooking, finding and trying all the gems Los Angeles’ restaurant scene has to offer and of course, party planning! This girl loves a party, and Los Angeles is her playground, serving up endless inspiration. Oh, and did we mention she has an absolutely adorable eight month old son named Costa?! Read on for what she loves about motherhood and what’s she’s learned so far!
How many children do you have? What inspired their names? 
I have 1 child, an 8 month old boy named Costa. My husband and I came across the name Costa as a popular South American last name. It was surprisingly easy for both of us to agree on the name once we read it…I know that is not always the case!
What’s your favorite way to spend time with your family?
Relaxing on a Sunday together, cuddling in the morning, a quick Farmer’s Market run, a late brunch out with friends, and then back to the house to hang, play, and start cooking dinner together.
Are there any children’s brands you find yourself buying over and over again?
I am in love with Mabo, Ultra Violet Kids, and Paige Lauren. Costa has these harem pants with elastic ankles from Ultra Violet Kids that I am obsessed with right now.
How has motherhood affected your personal style?
Since I am still breastfeeding, I wear a lot of button downs and jeans. I used to wear tons of dresses but it has been hard for me to find ones that button down. I am always getting on the ground with Costa or lugging him around so the clothes have to be easy and comfortable.
What is your favorite thing about being a mom?
The love. You can’t know what it is going to feel like before it happens and when it does, it is overwhelming. I have heart explosions all day long with this one.
What’s the hardest thing about being a mom?
Realizing that you can’t do everything that you used to do. I have had to learn to delegate and ask for help. Sometimes this is REALLY hard.
Has your beauty routine changed at all since you’ve had kids?
Less is more. I am lucky if I wash my face and get a little facial mist action going on.
What have you learned from your kids?
I have learned to see the world with fresh eyes. All those firsts they have, you get to experience with them. The sun, the sky, the wind, the rain. It is spectacular and really puts a lot of things into perspective.
What is your favorite, easy, go-to recipe that Costa loves? 
Costa just started eating solids about 2 months ago. I recently made the Sweet Corn Soup from Alice Water’s cookbook, The Art of Simple Food, and he went crazy for it! It’s just organic corn, onions, and water pureed. So delicious.