I recently began hunting for fashionable and creative ways to organize all of the baby things coming my way (without allowing it to take over my entire house).  I’ve found some great products that are super chic and will keep you organized without you losing your personal identity and sanity! What tips and tricks do you use to keep your house organized?
CubbyCupsInfant Cubby Cups are great to use for storing cotton swabs, pacifiers, bottles, and nipples. When they get a little older, use these Toddler Cubby Cups for crayons, pencils, and other craft supplies!
When you’re expecting people tend to send you small, delicate items (think a silver rattle or a jewelry box). They are so beautiful and you want to display these items but there’s not a lot of table top space.  This Display Box is a great way to showcase the smaller items you have received.  As a toddler, they can display action figures and dolls.
These Wall Organizers are great to hang behind or next to your changing table.  The sections can be changed out depending on how big your items are but its perfect to store wipes, diaper cream, diapers, etc.
I absolutely love books but not everyone has a ton of wall space to have a large book shelf.  This Book Cart is not only chic but can be rolled anywhere in your nursery so it doesn’t take up coveted wall real estate.  It can also be rolled to your living room without looking like the baby has invaded this space too.
You will get a ton of documents (from your baby immunization card to the birth certificate) that you’ll be scrambling to find when you forget to get your baby a passport to fly.  This Document Organizer is a great way to keep it all together and comes in great colors that can match your nursery décor.
storage-benchThis Storage Bench serves two very important functions. Not only does it give you more valuable storage space, it lets you get off your feet for a second! An added bonus, it’s available in various colors and beautiful patterns!