It has been just over two weeks since I announced the close of eDrop-off and it’s still sinking in. It has definitely been a roller coaster of emotions, but I have so much hope and excitement for the future that, although it has been up and down, I’m so ready for this next part of my journey!

I also have to say that I really had no idea how I would react to the kind of aftershock of announcing this news. But I have received an overwhelming outpouring of support and positivity from my clients, followers and readers. It’s kind of like when someone dies—like suddenly you announce you’re closing your business and supporters come out of the woodwork telling you how much they love what you’ve been doing over the years. It’s something you wish you had heard while you were grinding and building your business but awesome to hear nonetheless.

Zelda of Glitter and Bubbles runs through a fountain in Aspen wearing a yellow dress while holding a pink balloon.

And while I thank you all for this, I still ask one small favor in return, which I somewhat mentioned in this post. If there’s a business in your neighborhood or local community that you love, tell them how awesome you think they are! Don’t wait until they’re closing their doors for good to pay them that compliment. Because trust me, they need the positive reinforcement.

But anyway, to everyone who has sent positive thoughts, kind words, etc. I feel every last one of them. And I’m forever thankful. They really shook my soul in the best way. Thank you, so much, from the deepest part of my heart.

And now on to answering the number one question I’ve been getting since the announcement—what’s next?

To be honest, everything has moved really fast since the flood (read the post here). After the closure, I went with my family for our annual trip to Lake of the Ozarks and it was amazing, but it kinda felt like a regular vacation or break from work. It didn’t feel like my business had closed; it hadn’t quite sunk in yet. But woah, let me tell you. I so needed to catch my breath because as it turns out, closing a business is actually very time-consuming.

Zelda of Glitter and Bubbles stands in front of a house in Aspen, Colorado.

You might have also seen that I’m moving to Aspen, Colorado at the end of August. I’m so excited for this, but it’s just really starting to sink in and getting real, which is insane. It’s something Spiro and I have wanted for our family for a long time, but it doesn’t mean leaving Chicago will be easy.

On top of those small changes (ha!), we also recently let our nanny know we’d be moving, which made things even more real. She got picked up by another family ASAP (download the sample letter of recommendation I wrote for her here) and it was at this point that it dawned on me that we only have one week left with her. If you have a nanny, you know this person really becomes part of your family, so seeing her move on to her next chapter really signifies a big shift in my life as well.

Because all this change is happening, everyone wants to know what my next “big move” is business-wise. But right now, for me, it’s all about becoming a stay-at-home mom, getting our family settled in a new community, supporting my husband who is just booming in his career and possibly even expanding our family (for those of you who have asked about that).

I’ll still be managing this blog full time, which is a massive job, doing speaking opportunities and taking on some consulting projects, but there’s not one single thing that I’m focused on as my next big business move. And I have to say, it feels really good to know that.

An trailer in Aspen, Colorado sits in the middle of the woods.

I think people inadvertently put pressure on others, especially those that own their own business, that they should be doing something “bigger,” but you don’t have to. You don’t have to go along with what everyone thinks you should be doing. You can just do you and take your business, whatever it may be, in the direction that feels most authentic to you.

In fact, one of my dear friends, Bridget White (who also worked for me for 10 years), said in her Instagram Stories recently, “People ask what you do for a living so they can calculate the level of respect to give you.” And it’s so true! But I’m about to demand that respect for whatever it is I’m doing—and you should, too.

For this next chapter, I really want to open up to all of you and be raw and vulnerable on this platform. I want to truly take you along with me and my family as we leave one of the biggest cities in the country for a village in quiet Colorado. I want to let everyone see my transition from being a large, multi-million dollar business owner to being a stay-at-home mom. And I want to hear any and all the questions you guys might have about it. It’s a picture I’m very excited to paint and I want to take you along on that journey with me.

Now, I just want to leave you with this: It’s OK not to know exactly what you are. It’s OK to live the unknown for a while. Uncomfortable at times, I’m sure, but completely acceptable. My business has defined me for the last 15 years, so I feel very blessed and am eternally grateful to Spiro and to God for helping to create this opportunity for me. I’m really excited about this chapter, so thank you for all the support. Here we go!