The IKEA Duktig play kitchen is awesome and it is only $99! If you’ve shopped for play kitchens, you know this is on the less expensive end. And unlike other little kitchens, this one doesn’t have a million pieces. (If you and your significant other have put together a million-piece kitchen and are still together you deserve a medal and should apply to be on the Amazing Race.)
IKEA’s Duktig kitchen is quite simple to assemble, contrary to popular belief about IKEA products. If you’re taking on this project solo, don’t worry! You can do it by yourself and you will feel like a superhero when it is accomplished. The best part about this kitchen is that it has a battery powered cook top that sizzles! IKEA also offers a ton of accessories to go along with it that are inexpensive. I’m obsessed with this IKEA hack and obviously had to show you how to do it. PLEASE be sure to let me know if you try this hack by sharing pictures on Instagram or commenting below. I would LOVE to see!
An epic IKEA kitchen hack.

1. Do not allow space constraints to be an excuse. I live in a high rise in the middle of Chicago and I don’t have a yard or a garage and I can’t paint inside. I turned my balcony into my paint space, which was tight but if you have a tiny corner you can make this work – no excuses!

Painting an IKEA kitchen for an IKEA hack.An epic IKEA hack for a kids kitchen.

2. Pick your paint. This can be whatever color you want. I do recommend leaving the white pieces white and just painting the natural wood. The white has a laminate coat on it that might be a little more difficult to paint and besides, it really does look chic next to whatever you choose as your primary color. Before you paint you MUST prime. If you don’t, your hard work will quickly chip away and you’ll want to throw the whole kitchen in the trash because you will be so angry. Buy a all-purpose one coat primer (whatever brand is your favorite – I use Benjamin Moore). Just be sure to prime ALL your pieces before you paint!

A pink IKEA kids kitchen hack.

3. Paint! It doesn’t take a lot to paint this kitchen so invest in a better quality paint. I used the highest-grade offered because I only wanted to do one coat. Depending on your color, you might need to do two but it does dry quickly.

Spray paint the kitchen fixtures for an epic IKEA hack.

4. Replace the hardware. The kitchen comes with plastic hardware, which you can prime and paint, but IKEA had some other hardware options that were under $10 so I chose to go with hardware that best matched Zelda’s space.

A kids kitchen IKEA hack.

5. Spray paint the sink, hooks and bar. You can use whatever colors you want (I went with gold). I did not use the plastic feet and opted to use the wooden legs. If you do leave the feet on, make sure they match.

Assembling a kids kitchen IKEA hack.

6. Put it together. My brother owed me a favor so I asked him and Spiro put it together, but like I said, it’s pretty simple. You can do this on your own and the whole process takes under four hours!

A little girls IKEA kitchen hack.An IKEA Hack for a toddler kitchen.A little girl's IKEA play kitchen.

7. Accessorize your kitchen! Check out my favorites below:

Cookware Set | Vegetables Set | Fruit Basket | Coffee/Tea Set | Baking Set

Photos by Hallie Duesenberg