Aside from the killer (no pun intended) storylines that American Horror Story gives us year after year the fashion in each season is something to be admired. Who can forget last season when Myrtle Snow famously screamed out “Balenciaga!” right before she was burned at the stake in a floor length crimson dress?
After last week’s season four premiere I’m confident that “Freak Show” will be just as fabulous on the fashion front. Costume designer Lou Eyrich is the brilliant woman behind the clothes. To create this year’s AHS wardrobe she researched the history of carnivals and circuses. She admits that much more planning went into these outfits than ever before.  What AHS character has your favorite style?
Elsa Mars: Modern Twirl Dress / Debutante Dress / Highbury Heels
Desiree Dupree: Calf Hair Belt / Pleat Top / Midi Skirt