Did anyone else feel like last weekend was kind of like a mini vacay? I did, Zelda and I had a blast and I came back to the office Tuesday feeling refreshed and ready to get to work! I’m all for three day weekends!
One of the things Zelda and I did while we played tourist was go to the American Girl store for lunch. We stopped in and fortunately were able to get a table. However, I would recommend making a reservation because it gets so busy in there! This experience is recommended for toddlers and up, but I decided we’d give it a shot, and she absolutely loved it.
Your little can bring their own doll, or pick one to join you for lunch when you get there. Zelda chose her doll and then they brought her her very own cup and saucer (which you get to take home as a keepsake).
Zelda was having a blast while we were waiting for our lunch, she was laughing and having so much fun watching all the kids, it was just the sweetest thing. Lunch arrived, and I’m happy to say that it was delicious! I loved everything we had (mini hot dogs, burgers, mac n’ cheese, and fruit) and when we were done I felt full and didn’t leave with the desire to get a pretzel from Water Tower. Also, for the grown-ups, they do offer wine and champagne that you can enjoy with your lunch (I know you were wondering!).
We saw several birthday parties in progress that looked like so much fun, I’m sure that’s something we’ll be doing in the future! Overall it was a wonderful experience, we’ll definitely be going back and I would highly recommend it.