Alex Andrews is co-founder of Fave4Hair, a line of celebrity loved hair products (Jessie James Decker is a fan) that I discovered not too long ago and are now a vital part of my hair flow. As a mom to three boys, Alex describes herself as “a total tomboy living in a girly-girl world,” and she wouldn’t have it any other way! Alex met her husband John at Baylor University, so when she’s not busy bringing great hair to the masses, she and her crew like to head down to Waco to get their sports fix (her boys are Baylor fanatics!), and visit with family.
Alex Andrews is the co-founder of fave4hair and Glitter and Bubbles' Rad Mom.
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This is an illustration by The Unexpected Type that shows Alex Andrews' favorite things featuring Peter Thomas Roth eye gel and more!
Illustration by The Unexpected Type
Children Names & Ages: Jace (7), Brek (4) and Lake (3)
Tell Us About How You Manage Your Personal Chaos of Being a Working Mom: It’s probably a lot more about embracing the chaos than managing it… lots of Americanos and a little red wine helps! I work from home to be physically present as much as possible, even if it means balancing kids popping in during conference calls or getting sidetracked with checking out a Roly Poly they found in the backyard. The ability to see my kids grow up daily and snagging a quick snuggle from them makes the chaos completely worth it.
Knowing they are nearby is the absolute best. A little over a year ago my husband took a step back from his career to support me as I followed my dreams. He has made the work so much smoother by making it his priority to focus on raising the boys and taking care of details at home. Our daily life is a bit non-traditional, but by putting family first it’s totally traditional in its own way.
Gush About Fave4Hair and Tell Us Everything: There are so many reasons I adore being in the world of beauty products, but the number one reason has always been that it’s just shampoo. It sounds silly, making light of the very products we create, but it’s so true. Everything about hair is supposed to be fun and a bright little spot in our day. From a yummy smelling shampoo to the hairspray that helps curls stay in place, without getting frizzy, on someone’s wedding day — it’s all about the little things. We love to focus on those little things. Girls are constantly sending emails with questions, pics of their hair for advice on what products would be best, and they send the sweetest messages when they are thrilled with how great they look and feel.
Your Top 3 Instagram Follows: @kaceyluvi – One of my dear friends from high school and a complete inspiration to me in every single area of life… her joy is infectious!!
@johnnyswim – Just go listen to their music if you haven’t yet. They are a husband and wife, with the cutest baby and the most amazing soulful songs.
@thebucketlistfamily – I mean who isn’t inspired by the fact that they’re traveling the world with two little kids and making life memories?!!
Give Us a Glimpse Into the Timeline of an Average Day: 5:30am – Wake up and sometimes make coffee and grab my computer to get started for the day, and sometimes go to Pure Barre, aaaaand lots of other times…fall back asleep until kids get up around 7:00am.
8:15am – Kids go to school, I head into my home office or to a local coffee shop to work for the day.
9:00am – iMessage catch up with Lynne and constant conversations throughout the day.
10:00am – Social media time, answering DMs and chatting with hairstylists and customers. Keeping social media as one of my main responsibilities is something I love…it’s so fun knowing our customers basically on a first name basis. I love seeing their photos and keeping a constant pulse on what people are experiencing when they try fave4 for the first time.
1:00pm – My younger two boys get home from school, sneak a few quick hugs and snuggles before nap time.
2:00pm – By now I’ve usually forgotten about lunch, so I will warm up an Evol meal (so easy and yummy!) or eat a total cheat snack of popcorn with M&Ms.
4:00pm – All of the kids are home from school so we move onto evening activities — sports games, homework and dinner. Earlier this year we converted our formal dining room into a ‘family office’ and made a screen-free place for the boys to hang out, color, read, or do their homework right in the middle of the house so we can all be together. This is my favorite room of the house and my favorite time of the day by far!!
7:30pm – It’s the kid’s bedtime, we keep it pretty simple but one consistent habit is reciting ‘The Going To Bed Book’ and singing a lullaby and goodnight together.
8:00pm – I take a bubble bath, have a glass of wine or finish up any work that didn’t get done throughout the day!
10:00pm – The magic hour when if I’m in bed and asleep by 10pm, all is well. For some reason if I’m up past 10pm, it turns into midnight really quickly!! So to be well rested and ready to be up early the next morning, 10pm is my turn into a pumpkin time.
Top Beauty Product You Would Travel Far and Wide For: Peter Thomas Roth Instant Firmx Eye helps me look at least somewhat rested on those days when under eye bags are determined to make my exhaustion level super well-known. A little bit of this gel immediately helps my under eyes get it together and suck it up.
Favorite Under the Radar Kids Brands: This one isn’t necessarily under the radar but our boys all have Little Giraffe blankies we bought them to snuggle as newborns and they all still sleep with them. But that’s not why we love Little Giraffe so much…about a year ago we discovered they make adult-sized throw blankets. Ya’ll — we have a couple of luxe throw blankets around our house, and it’s like a little snuggly piece of heaven to curl up under.
Top Pieces Of Kids Gear You Can’t Live Without: Wet Ones (the citrus scent!!). These go everywhere with us – they’re perfect for wiping the kid’s hands after sports and when they pee in the woods during sports games (boy mom has major benefits). I also take them when I travel and wipe down the airplane tray table. Another is Nalgene Sippy Cups. They come in solid colors so they don’t look too babyish and they actually don’t leak.
Your Kids Are Currently Obsessing Over: Teenymates — majorly obsessed. And I love them because they’re a great incentive or surprise. Think trading cards but actual NFL team mini figures. Each package has two Teenymates and it’s a mystery what’s inside, so we get pumped when a new team or mascot is discovered.
Favorite Kids Spot in Dallas: Whatever soccer field, ball park or gym my kids are playing at on any given day.
Your Secret Obsession When You Get an Hour to Yourself: A run to the lake. We live about a mile from Lake Grapevine which is huge and beautiful. I can cut through the woods, run some trails and end up next to the water to escape all things Dallas/real life for a bit.
Top 3 Hair Products You Can’t Live Without: Oh gosh how do I choose 3 when we have nearly 30?!!! But really…Up For Air because I basically never have time to blow dry. Texture Takeover Hairspray because it’s barely hairspray and just a little bit of oomph for my fine, thin hair and lastly, Dirty to Flirty Dry Shampoo because…mom life.
What You Are Wishing for Under the Tree This Holiday Season: A trip to the beach!!! Naples, Florida is one of my favorite places on earth and we try to get there between Christmas and New Years for a family getaway. While at the beach, we have a tradition of each choosing our favorite palm tree of the day. It might be one we pass on a bike ride that catches my eye, frames the sunset perfectly, or is a mile high and wrapped to the top with white Christmas lights. It’s a fun little game and gives us all a second to stop and appreciate the simplicity and beauty of being at the beach.
Your Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe to Make for Your Family: Sweet Potato Casserole is hands down my favorite part of Thanksgiving!! It’s easy and has toasted marshmallows, which is an instant win in my book.