Alana Mitchell is the brains and face behind Skincare by Alana, a brand she started with her husband Jared ten years ago. On their website you’ll find top brands you might already be in love with, as well as Alana’s own line with products she saw a need for. I don’t need to tell you that running a business is seriously tough work, not to mention raising two babes! How does she do it? Let’s find out!
Skincare expert, Alana Mitchell is this week's Rad Mom on Glitter and Bubbles.
Little’s Names & Ages: Malachi (7) and Eli (Almost 2)
Brag About Your Decade Old Skincare Empire, Tell Us EverythingI am an all things beauty FANATIC! My parents have owned spas and salons for 40 years, so you might say it runs in my veins. Once I got my business degree and Esthetician’s license it was just a natural choice to start Alana Mitchell Skincare and Both businesses were started because of my passion, drive, and that I saw a need in the beauty industry.
It has always been my goal to improve the quality and health of my skin, your skin, her skin- everyone’s skin!
Skincare secret: This is not really a secret, but something I always have to remind clients of over and over. I am always surprised that people refrain from cleansing their skin twice at night or even forget to clean it at all. If there is one thing you need to be doing, it is cleansing your face twice at night.
Between Your Family, Multiple Businesses and Life, Tell Us How You Keep Your Sanity:
Keeping an up-to-date calendar and time budgeting are both things that I learned a long time ago. It is important to remember that there are urgent things and then there are important things. Sometimes I think that there is some confusion here for people. It is important to remember that urgent things, like family and kids, always come first. Anything can be first in line on your calendar with a set time and date, but you have to remember what your top priority is. My husband and I make sure we prioritize and set aside family time with the kids, time for us, and then work.
Remember to breathe and pray. Life can get crazy busy and it is easy to get overwhelmed. Take a breath. You can only do what you can do and that’s ok. As moms’ we evolve into master multi-taskers but it can become overwhelming when we don’t take a minute to breathe.
Give Us a Glimpse into An Average Day: Since my kids tend to strategize to figure out the best ways to independently wake my husband and I throughout the night, early mornings are pretty much for letting me sleep in. That is, until my toddler screams “Elmo” at the top of his lungs into the baby monitor. We are talking at a pitch that could easily wake a hibernating bear. AKA: my husband!
After my “Elmo awakening” it is time to get my little guy changed and fed, while my husband (who seems to think waking up at 4AM is normal) spends time with our 7 year old, who has high functioning autism. After bottle time it’s a WWF wrestling match to get my 7 year old out the door and to school by 7:30AM, which is followed by my favorite time of the morning. You guessed it, “me time”. This is when I get to sit in from of the mirror and get ready. This usually entails slapping on some tinted SPF and lip gloss. I recently just started getting eyelash extensions, which has really been a time saver.
After that I head out the door, all while taking care of my toddler. I always try to make time for a quick pit stop at Starbucks for my daily treat, and then it’s off to the office for this small business owner! I have been blessed to run not one, but two successful skincare companies with my husband Jared. After the office, mommy duties call once again! This means taking my oldest son to therapy, stopping by the grocery store, and then home for dinner. I do like to regulate meal and bedtimes because it’s really helpful to keep my kids on a consistent schedule.
Favorite Quote: “Do Justice, Love Kindness, Walk Humbly” Micah 6:8
Skincare by Alana Mitchell
Top Beauty Product That Makes Mom Life Easier: With all the things going on in my life, I’d have to say I couldn’t stay sane without my Alana Mitchell 4-in-1 Cleansing Pod, dry shampoo, and tinted sunscreen!
Favorite Under the Radar Kids Brand: My clients love Devita’s Butter Cheeks.
You Can Only Pack Three Items for a Weekend Away. They Are: The most important components of my beauty regimen — my cleanser, moisturizer, and eye cream.
Dream Destination for Vacation: Hawaii.
Activity You Love to do With Your Kids: I love to do whatever they love, but my favorites are playing outside and jumping on the trampoline!
Your Secret Obsession When You Get an Hour to Yourself: Getting a massage.
Closet Staple That You Can’t Live Without: I can’t live without my chapstick and hand lotion.
Dessert Recipe That Your Crew Flips Over: My family goes crazy over my all-time favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe!