Cookie Cupcakes, Mr. Dave & Adventures in La La Land!

I traveled like crazy last week! I was in Austin for South by Southwest and then had an insanely quick day in NYC where I landed in the morning and then departed at night. After all of that, I am ready for some time with my babe! It’s officially spring, and while it might not feel like it right now, I think Chicago is about to round that corner. If you can’t wait for Chicago’s weather to get its act together, head to LA for some fun in the sun! I’m detailing a few of my favorite spots, and if you do go I only ask one thing – send some of that weather our way as a thank you, please?!

What kids activities to do in Chicago.

Photo Credit: Little Photo Studio, Book Club, Eventbrite, The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, Time & Date & Sprinkles Cupcakes.

Finger Weaving at a Little Photo Studio: Woven works are having a moment, and this is a fantastic opportunity for babes to learn how to create one of their own. At A Little Photo Studio on March 31st from 4-5pm they can do just that! Tickets are $20 per child, and can be purchased here

Have Some Fun at Book Club: This Wicker Park spot connects kids through reading and art. BookClub caters to all ages and even offers sessions for bilingual babes to show off their language skills (French and Spanish). Each session is an hour long ($25), you can sign up here!

Mr. Dave at Windy City Bebe: If you haven’t traveled over to Windy City Bebe yet, this is the perfect reason! Kids can jam to Mr. Dave and have a small snack while you shop WCB’s insane selection of kid’s clothes that are beyond cool. Mr. Dave will be there on Tuesday, March 28 at 11am, and it is $15 to catch the show. Tickets can be purchased here

Our House Exhibit at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum: This exhibit is brand new! It opens tomorrow on Saturday the 25th and is all about climate change and how it affects the world we live in. Of course, there’s plenty for babes to do, so save it for a cold or rainy day when you want to be indoors!

Chasing Eclipses at Adler Planetarium: Another new exhibit debuts in Chicago tomorrow at the Adler Planetarium! Chasing Eclipses is something the whole family will enjoy! It’s not permanent so don’t let it sink to the bottom of your list! Get ticket info and hours here

Cookie Cupcakes at Sprinkles: These are calling my name! The cookie cupcakes just came out on the first of the month and are only around until May 31st. This delicious treat is a must try! 


Need a little sunshine in your life? Take your crew to California and have a few adventures in La La Land! 

Kids activities in Los Angeles.

Photo Credit: US News Travel, Dailycandy and the Los Angeles Zoo. 

Eat at Huckleberry: Everything on this menu looks amazing, and the kid’s menu is no exception! Grab some lunch here and then head outside to soak up some sunshine!

Hang Out at the Los Angeles Zoo: This one is a pretty safe bet for a spectacular afternoon! You can buy tickets ahead of time online here

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