My little babe is turning into a little girl! Just within the last few weeks Zelda has become extremely alert and I can tell she is processing information at a higher level. I cannot describe the joy it brings my heart when I walk in the door and Zelda is beaming at me. I now fully understand what it means to live for the little things! How does your little one greet you when you walk in the door?
Zelda’s Outfit:
3 Pommes Striped Cotton Dress
Super kissable chubby cheeks
Welcomes you with huge smiles and claps when you enter the room
Little daredevil with NO fear
Chews on everything in site
Keenly alert
New facial expressions everyday
Cut her first tooth
Can get herself into the crawl position
 Social Calendar: 
Zelda started Swim Lesson at Foss Swim School, and she is absolutely in love with the pool! She giggled when they dunked her for the first time!
FullSizeRender (24)
Spring has sprung so she visits the Lincoln Park Zoo weekly for her favorite musical performer.
She is hosting her first Glitter & Bubbles Mom’s Crew event this weekend!
She was recently signed to Stuart Talent Agency, so we officially have a little model on our hands!