If you’re a woman, you’re probably aware that the world of beauty can be extremely overwhelming. There’s a million products for everything and then there’s the products for things you didn’t even know existed. It’s just this really slippery slope that can easily take over your life.

And then of course you add bloggers and influencers into the mix, which makes it even harder to know what’s actually REALLY good. I’m not going to lie, I get sooo excited when I get beauty mailers, but even for me it’s difficult to tell if things are just packaged beautifully or if it’s really a good product.
Anyway, I got to thinking about this the other day when that inevitable moment came where like five of my favorite products ran out all at the same time. This made me think, why the heck don’t I do a roundup of all the products I **actually** used until the end and am willing to rebuy with my own cold hard cash. I feel like seeing products empty is almost more helpful than seeing brand new ones, so here are seven products I’ve used, loved and am purchasing again.


I can’t even tell you exactly what this product does scientifically, but I can tell you that if I was to go down to using only one skincare product—this would be it. Since I’ve used this, my skin has changed in ways I could have never imagined. It’s smoother, dark spots have been lightened, and overall my facial skin is better. It has this smell that says to me, “I’m about to go to work on your face and do great things.”
I will say, though, this product is not cheap, but I think it’s worth every single penny. It is a medical grade skincare product and if you could hook me up to an IV of it, I’d let you.


M-61 is a newer skincare line. It’s not medical grade (I’ve really been on the medical grade train since starting to go to Pinksi Dermatology), but I still think it rocks. It’s a skincare line owned by Blue Mercury and I’ve been loving several of their products. I use this serum every single morning after I apply the Skinceuticals product. Let me tell you, I don’t know what this is made of, angel tears maybe, but I live in Chicago and survived winter with zero dry skin. I mean ZERO dry skin. It boosted my facial skin overall and I highly recommend it. I’ll definitely continue to use it throughout the summer.


Sticking to the M-61 theme, this is a resurfacing moisturizer with glycolic acid in it and I really love it. If you’ve been using a moisturizer that’s just ok and you’re looking to step up your game a bit, this is an amazing product to try—especially if you’re looking for something with glycolic acid. It’s really light when you apply it, and you can use it both day and night, which is always a win in my book.


Neutrogena should probably sponsor me because I have tested out SEVERAL makeup remover towelettes and this one is still the absolute best. You can pick it up at any drug store, which is so convenient. But I really love it for cleaning up under my eyes. I tuck one in a plastic baggy for long days or a night out and use a Qtip to dab under my eyes and it cleans it up perfectly. I also keep them bedside for those nights when I’m too lazy to wash my makeup off and just run a towelette over my face and it does the trick until morning.


I feel like if you wear black eyeliner, you’re always on the lookout for new/better options. It likes to slip, it doesn’t stay—there are a million things wrong with black eyeliners—except for this one. I have bought this product FOUR times. Yes, four. This is the absolute best black eyeliner pencil I’ve ever used.
The best part? It’s double sided and has a pencil and liquid end. The pencil side is bomb! It slides along so easily and smooth, the color is rich, it’s easy to apply and you can use it on your top and bottom lids. The liquid end wears all day perfectly and doesn’t flake off whatsoever. You can even combine them—they’re just the perfect dynamic duo. I repeat, this is THE BEST black eyeliner pencil ever. I wish Tarte would send me a crate of this stuff because I go through it like you can’t imagine.


I love the Eyeko products. They’re just so good. I actually discovered this specific one by trying a family pack of mascaras, but the Rock Out & Lash Out was my favorite. It just stood out to me because of the shape of the brush and the thickness of the mascara itself. I love the way it just wings my lashes out so nicely. If you’re looking for a good mascara, this is a fantastic option to try.


I’ve bought this product probably five or six times since Ouai came out with it. I love all their products because they smell amazing and work on every hair type. The best part about this mousse is that it doesn’t build up, it doesn’t make your hair greasy or dry—it just does what mousse is supposed to, which believe it or not is kind of hard to come by. It gives my hair extra volume and helps smooth out frizz — which is inevitable during a Chicago summer.

wrap up

So that’s my roundup of products that I’ve used, really liked and repurchased! I love all of these and feel confident in saying that I know you’ll love them too!