I can’t even believe that Zelda is 6 months old, I must say if my pregnancy would have been easy I might consider having a zoo of children! She continues to amaze me everyday, and in the words of Vicki Gunvalson from RHOBH, “My Love Tank Runneth Over!” Who doesn’t appreciate a good Housewives quote?! Zelda is a sweet and happy soul that brings a level of joy to my life that I didn’t even know existed. I’m so excited to see what else she has in store for us!
Zelda’s Outfit:
Love U Lots Bathing Suit
Zelda’s Milestones:
Talking up a storm and starting to have back and forth conversations.
Sitting up unsupported and is doing some major ab crunches attempting to sit up on her own.
Joining the dinner table in her high chair and eating fruit purees.
Eating her feet like she will never receive another bottle in her life.
Zelda’s Social Calendar:
Attended her first PBR Bull Riding Competition and sat in the front row! Every time a bull would come out she thought it was hysterical!
After making weekly visits to the American Girl store, Daddy bought her a doll and pony (of course!).
She is a HUGE fan of the seasonal Cauliflower Risotto at Allium Four Seasons (kidding…kinda!).
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