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Halloween is this week, which means two things in our household, Hocus Pocus on repeat, and pulling together all our final Halloween costume ideas and final touches. When you have a Kindergartner in the house, you start planning months ahead of time, but then just like a shower, you realize that you forgot a costume for yourself!

From volunteering at your kid’s school Halloween party to trick or treating as you get older, so do the requirements of your costume. Let’s say it DOES NOT involve the word sexy and is more along the lines of quick, easy, and warm!

So if you find yourself asking, what am I going to wear I have six easy Halloween costume ideas for you that start with a pair of sunglasses!

Ladies we all have a little black dress hanging in our closet, it might be pushed to the back but it’s time to pull it out! Throw that dress on, give yourself a top knot and pair back with a pair of Anoushka Tom Ford sunglasses for the perfect Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Show off your best tiny dancer moves and bust out that sequin you always want to wear but never have the right place to rock it. Slick back your hair and rock the Spitfire Hype Gold/Red Mirror sunglasses for the perfect rocket man!

Next easy Halloween costume is our favorite wizard that will always be in style, Harry Potter! Dig out that old graduation gown, make yourself a beautiful wand from nature, and buy the Emerson by SmartBuy collection for your wizardly Halloween look. “Alohomora!”

Quick….Who are your favorite three people to spend Halloween with? Ok, you have your 3 Beatles! What better way to spend Halloween than with your 3 BFF’s dressed up as one of the most iconic bands ever! John Lenon is easy to pull off with the round Polaroid sunglasses that come in nearly every color!

Halloween can turn us into scardey cats like no other night of the year! Who better to have around than Velma and her mystery machine to keep everything safe and under control!  All you need is an orange turtleneck sweater, pleated skirt, and these Polly Smartbuy Collection glasses. Just make sure not to lose your glasses in classic Velma style!

Saved the most iconic for last! Grab a can of Campbell’s soup from the pantry, spray your hair white, and wear the most timeless frames of all time, the Ray-Ban Wayfarer. Andy Warhol is always a crowd favorite and guaranteed to deliver an evening full of fun!

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Wishing you a Safe, Stylish, and Happy Halloween! Xx-






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Trick or Treat; Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash

Harry Potter: Warner Bros.

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