When you’re a mom it’s all about the little things and sometimes mama needs a few minutes to herself. Our Rad Moms all have one thing in common – they know how to unwind, refresh and take little moments of “me time”. From journaling to yoga, they let us in on how they get through each day. As Rad Mom Elizabeth Gormely once said, “Simple things like doing my hair and makeup and going out with adults’ sans kids gives me a sense of balance.”  Personally, if I know I have a free hour I ask Spiro if I can take a nap. Nothing is better than solid, uninterrupted sleep. What’s your go-to activity when you have an hour to yourself? Tell me in the comments below.
How to Refresh like a Rad Mom

How to Refresh Like a Rad Mom

Journal: Just write it down! This is a therapeutic practice that makes you feel lighter.

Bubble Baths: Who doesn’t love to unwind in the tub? Add some lavender oil to make it extra relaxing.

Yoga: This is an exercise for the body and the mind. Spray meditation spray throughout the room to help center your soul.

Solid Sleep: Good sleep begins with the perfect pillow. This pure silk pillowcase is a game changer and makes any blow out last longer. It also keeps your hair from tangling.

Face Masks: Take 10 minutes out of your day and do something good for skin. We recommend having a book on hand.