Keeping little babes entertained while limiting their screen time can be a challenge, especially over winter break. With the wintry weather and crowds, staying at home has never sounded so appealing. I fully understand the need to embrace a pajama day (or seven). So, what’s the best way to enjoy time at home while busying your babe’s mind? Head to the kitchen and whip up something super simple! The five recipes below all have under five ingredients, which means little ones of almost any age can make these. We included our New Year’s favorites – yummy gummy bear filled mocktails and mini pizza bagel bites. How are you soaking up the last few days of family time before 2018?

A few years ago, we had the pleasure of meeting Elina Casell Hjalmarsson. At the time, this Rad Mom had just moved to Chicago from Sweden with her hockey playing Blackhawks husband, Niklas Hjalmarsson. She passed us the recipe for Healthy Chocolate Bites and we’re been in love ever since. This yummy recipe is the perfect movie snack!

Dessert for breakfast in always a wonderful idea, especially on vacation. Mini Donut Sprinkle Cereal adds a little something extra to your babe’s usual bowl. What’s not to love about sprinkles and frosting? We’re pretty sure those are the ingredients for happiness.

Who doesn’t love gummy bears and bubbles? Sparkling mocktails are our favorite treat to put together just before the ball drops. Whether you’re serving it to little ones or adults who prefer not to drink, they will love toasting the new year!

This is yet another recipe we owe to a Rad Mom. This one is from Brooke Webb of KB Styled. We think Mini Pizza Bagels are appropriate for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day so make extras for leftovers. They might be even better the next day!

If your babe is cravin’ some sush, we have just the recipe! Kids Candy Sushi is a fun play on the adult dish. And honestly, who can say no to a Rice Krispies treat? No one! These little bites are almost as much fun to make as the are to eat.