Can you believe the 4th of July is already next weekend?! I sure can’t! By now I’m sure most of you know what you’ll be doing to celebrate, so now comes the fun part: choosing your outfit!
Shop for Boating: Romper / Crossbody Bag / Sandals
Boats are a blast, especially on the 4th of July! You’ll just want to make sure that your pieces are fitted and cut close to your body so they’re not flying everywhere in the wind. You might think it’s awesome, but I can guarantee your friend won’t who’s getting hit in the face with your caftan!

Shop for the Pool: Cover-Up / Bikini / Sandals
When you get a good spot poolside, you know you won’t want to leave, especially not to change. So make your outfit one that will take you comfortably from day to night. A great swimsuit is a no brainer, but don’t forget a great cover up to keep you warm when the night gets just a little chilly. Sandals (preferably something other than a flip flop) are a must.
Shop for the Beach: Hat / Dress / Tote
A great party on the beach is a great way to spend the day, and those of us here in Chicago have to sop up that sunshine while we can! So enjoy it, but make sure you keep covered with a flowy dress! A big straw hat is also a good way to keep your face shielded from the sun, but still lets you enjoy your day and look great.
Shop for a Picnic: Jumpsuit / Cuff / Sandals
A jumpsuit is the perfect option for a day in the park. It lets you run around, sit down on the grass while eating, and be comfy while looking great! Add a great cuff, stick to flat sandals and you’re set.
Shop for a House Party: Top / Pants / Heels
This is one scenario where you can break out the heels and not look and/or feel silly, so go for it! A cute top and jeans are perfect here. So easy, and it looks so good! Also, keeping your outfit fairly simple will let you choose a pair of heels that speak for themselves!