Fendi, CHANEL, Celine, Hermes… Today’s top handbags designers are releasing collections that this girl is definitely dreaming about! While I’m loving the new trends hitting stores this season, I’m an even bigger fan of the iconic designs that were huge when I was still playing dress-up as a little girl.
Speaking of dress-up… Zelda is getting to that age where she’s starting to reach for everything fashion she can get her hands on, from scarves to sunglasses and my favorite handbags. Why not give our littles the designer goods they keep reaching for to have a little dress up fun? Nope– we aren’t talking about that real $4,000 Chanel bag you treasure. We’re talking realistic budget, no sewing, and easy steps with these DIY No-Sew Felt handbags!bagsWe created these easy No-Sew Felt bags to resemble the beloved iconic handbags that your little fashion enthusiast can tote around. Simply, download the template, cut, glue, and your girl will be runway ready in no time.

Materials Needed

Download the Chanel Inspired bag template here

Download the Celine Inspired bag template here

Large, Stiff Felt Sheets in Black, White, Grey, and Pink (These of course can change depending on the color your little wants her purse to be)


Glue Gun & Glue Sticks


Fabric Pen

Velcro Squaresscissors

Start by downloading and printing out the templates for your desired bag. Cut out the shapes, and place on your desired felt color choices. Using your chalk, trace the template onto your felt and cut out the pieces.

This will make the outline easy to see and you can simply rub away the residue after you have cut out the shape. Tracing is a great step for your little to jump in and be hands on!

For the CHANEL Inspired Bag
1. For the CHANEL inspired bag, arrange all of your pieces out in front of you. The largest piece will be the base for the bag.
2. To recreate the brand’s iconic quilting, use a fabric market and trace an outline around the shape of the piece. You don’t need to trace into the semicircle, as this will be the area for your CHANEL logo. Next, draw criss-crossing lines from each top corner to the opposite bottom corner to create the quilted effect.
quilting3. After you have finished drawing, arrange your felt piece so the semicircle “flap is at the top and your quilted design is face down. Next, fold one-third of the bottom up and secure only the edged with hot glue. This just became a purse!
4. Next, fold the remaining one-third top and create a large crease so it will easily fold over. Your quilted pattern will now be on the outside and you have a CHANEL handbag with a flap!
flapflap-bag5. Next, secure a square of velcro  underneath the semicircle and on the bag’s pouch area so your little can close the flap securely. Glue  your two small C’s facing in opposite directions onto the semi-circle area on your flap to create the CHANEL logo.
6. Lastly, cut a thin strip of felt in the same color as your CHANEL logo on your bag and glue to the underside of your flap to create an easy strap. Now your little has their very own CHANEL bag, too!open-imageFor the Celine Inspired Bag
1. For the Celine inspired bag, arrange the zipper pieces and purse handles on top of the front and back side. Trim away any excess felt. Using your glue gun, glue the arranged pieces onto each side of the bag and let dry.
IMG_4632IMG_46822. Next, glue the sides and bottom onto either the front or back side of the bag. After one side has dried, gently fold the bottom panel in half to help the bag keep its shape. Then, glue the bottom and sides panels together. Finally, attach the remaining side.backtop
3. After you have let the glue dry on your new Celine bag, cut two velcro squares and secure them inside the top section of the bag. This way, your little can drop in their chic sunnies or costume jewelry and take their bag with them on the go.