There have been a lot of changes with moving to Aspen, but one of the biggest ones wardrobe-wise has been transitioning into the boot game. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Chicago has pretty intense winters, but when you’re in the city, you don’t have to worry about dragging yourself (or your child) through several feet of snow. In Aspen, it’s a legitimate concern. So, I’ve had to say goodbye to my heels and hello to boots – lots and lots of boots.

Corri McFadden stands outside in Aspen in a pink skirt and a black Chanel sweater in Aspen, Colorado.

You guys have been very curious about how I’ve handled this transition and have requested what reasonably priced boots I’m loving. I’ll be honest and say that I don’t mind investing in a quality pair of boots that I know I’ll wear for seasons to come. However, when you’re literally living in the snow, not every pair can be luxury. Plus, when you wear them as frequently as I do, you want a few different, cute styles.

All of that said, I have been shopping for boots HARD and I honestly feel like I’ve become somewhat of a boot expert. I rounded up 15 pairs that I think check all the boxes as far as being stylish, have good soles, they’re warm – you know, all the important boot things. And even if you don’t live in a snowy place like Colorado, several of these boots will still be calling your name, I promise!

15 pairs of boots your closet is calling for.

1. J Crew Nordic Wedge Bootie

These are great boots, but they are wedges (AKA heels), so remember that when planning where you’re going to wear them. I went for the pair with red laces because it’s a fun, unexpected pop of color.

2. Doc Martens Wincox Chelsea Boots

So much nostalgia for Doc Martens. They just take me back to my youth and I love them for it. Loving this boot specifically because they’re slip-on! No laces make them super easy to take on and off, which is always key with a pair of boots.

3. UGG Kristin Classic Boot

I know you see UGG and might cringe a little bit because of their “basic” status, but you guys, these boots are so good. You can see Zelda and I both wearing these in the photos. I’m loving this “Kristin” style because they’re really slim on the foot. This makes them easy to wear with any look and the perfect boot to run all your errands in.

4. Free People Downeaster Western Boot

This boot is a great, elevated and easy to wear western boot. Great to wear with skinny jeans and a tee for a super cool casual “Aspen” look.

5. Calvin Klein Diahne Combat

Combat boots are the bread and butter of the boot world in my opinion. And when they’re made of a really beautiful white leather paired with rugged soles for all the traction you could ever ask for, well, it’s perfection. You’re going to l-o-v-e these.

6. Coach Bowery Chelsea Bootie

Hot boot shopping tip: always, always check the sale section of Coach’s website. You will almost always find a steal of a deal. This time it’s these leopard boots that are so chic and on trend.

7. Coach Nora Chelsea Bootie

I had to pull another option from Coach because their sale section is so freaking good right now. It’s a white boot, but is a little more dressed up than the combat boot, making it very office-appropriate. It’s also a boot you can transition out of winter and wear with dresses – giving you even more bang for your buck.

8. Sorel Kinetic

Sorel boots are as legit as it gets for warmth, durability, functionality – everything! This pair always seems to be sold out everywhere but Dick’s keeps restocking it in various sizes. If they don’t have your size initially, keep checking back!

Corri McFadden and Zelda of Glitter and Bubbles show readers 15 pairs of boots their closets are calling for.

9. IRI Nubuck

I’m wearing this pair in the photos and I am so in love with them! I was unfamiliar with the brand, but their ads kept showing up in my web browser, so one day I finally checked them out and wow! Very glad I did. The sole is rugged, they’re waterproof and I just think they’re crazy cool. I literally wear them 24/7.

10. Sorel Ainsley

Had to call out another pair of Sorels because they’re that good. I think these are perfect when heading out on a winter vacation and you need a boot you can wear out and about during the day but also for some hiking and outdoor activities. Also a very on-trend style which makes the boot after boot life more exciting.

11. Tonkin Very Volatile

Another leopard print option because I’m not sure you can have enough leopard print at the moment. These are cool to mix it up from the classic black and brown boot hole we can all fall into on the day to day.

12. Jane and the Shoe Millie

This pair is more of a “fashion” boot than a “utility” boot, but at only $50, I had to include them.

13. UGG Viki

These are like the winter boot of all winter boots. They aren’t just for show, they’re durable, waterproof, very warm and you can run and play around in the snow with your kids in them. Highly recommend if you’re in the snow on a daily basis.

14. Kamik RogueHiker

I love that these have that combat boot kind of style, but they’re lined to make them extra warm and withstand the cold. Plus for under $100, they’re a bargain!

15. J Crew x Sorel Cheyanne Boots

These boots are a classic style that easily transitions into both spring and fall. The camo detail on the back also gives them a little something extra, which I’m a big sucker for.

Corri McFadden and Zelda of Glitter and Bubbles play outside in the snow wearing Ugg boots.

OK, you definitely shouldn’t have a problem finding a good pair of boots now! I own a lot of these boots and feel really confident saying they’re all so great. You really can’t go wrong with any of them. What are some of your favorite boot brands/styles?