It’s that time of year when we want our meals to be a little bit heavier and above all, warm. Bring on the baked goods, soups and comfort food! Additionally, with the holidays around the corner, it’s never too soon to start menu planning. Zelda and I have a few recipes that taste amazing but won’t keep you in the kitchen all day. Which mouthwatering recipes will you sink your teeth into first?

A kid friendly recipe for lasagna cups.

Kid-Friendly Lasagna Cups

I can’t resist making things in mini so when I found kid-friendly lasagna cups on Pinterest I knew I had to make them. We gave the recipe our own spin and used sausage instead of ground beef. It’s easy to substitute ingredients to fit your taste. How would you modify Lasagna Cups for your family?

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A simple recipe for butternut squash soup and pomegranate bacon sandwiches.

Butternut Squash Soup and Chocolate Pom Bacon Sandwiches

Butternut Squash Soup and Chocolate Pomegranate Bacon Sandwiches are truly decadent together. This rich duo is where savory comfort food meets dessert.

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A simple recipe for pecan pie.

Pecan Pie

This was our first ever pecan pie (seriously – it’s so easy!). Zelda and I were eating it by the forkful. What’s your go-to pie for the holidays?

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The KETO Diet Fathead Pizza with cheese.

Keto Fathead Pizza

ketogenic diet is low carb and high fat diet that forces your body into burning fat instead of carbs. Most importantly, it helps reduce the risk factors for diabetes, heart disease and epilepsy. The keto diet focuses on “healthy” fats such as fatty acids and proteins, and shies away from carbs, sugar and processed foods.

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Spicy salmon and veggies from a fit mom.

Spicy Salmon & Veggies

The marinade is out of this world and I actual felt full after I finished eating, which doesn’t always happen with fish and veggies. The spice is pretty mild, so if you have a little that loves fish I give it a green light! The salmon marinates for 4-24 hours, which means I can prep it the night before and then pop it in the oven when I get home from work.

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How to make baked brie in three steps.

Fancy Baked Raspberry Brie

Warm cheese, fresh raspberries and a little jam — that’s all Fancy Baked Raspberry Brie takes to make. After having made this decadent appetizer, I’ve moved it right to the top of my must make again for holiday list (which I can’t believe is right around the corner!).

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A quick and easy recipe for chocolate croissants.

Warm Chocolate Croissants

This recipe couldn’t be easier, literally anyone can create this 4-step sweet treat! And who doesn’t love a warm, freshly baked chocolate croissant? We recommend enjoying these with tea or milk.

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Jalapeño Poppers for kids who love spice and cheese.

Jalapeño Poppers

I’m not going to mince words – these Jalapeño Poppers are effing hot. For unknown reasons I completely ignored everything I know about chili peppers and deseeded them with bare hands. I came to regret this as the tips of my fingers were still on fire hours later. FYI — I discovered the remedy to this sensation is applying ice cold milk directly to the affected area, which thankfully gave me almost instant relief.

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How to make Cookie Crisp hot chocolate in the crock-pot.

Cookie Crisp Hot Chocolate

I really started craving hot chocolate and found myself wishing I could make a large batch to drink throughout the day. That’s when this whole Crock Pot Hot Chocolate thing hit me (the Crock Pot really is my BFF in the winter).

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A delicious recipe for vegan mac 'n cheese.

Vegan Mac ‘N Cheese

Making something taste like cheese that isn’t cheese is no easy task. We’re not going to lie, we were a little skeptical at first and we were so, so wrong. This creamy and delicious recipe is beyond satisfying. It’s hard to believe that it doesn’t contain any cheese!

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