10 months. I can’t believe I just typed that! It seems like with each day Zelda shows us something new, and it never gets old.
On this particular day it was beautiful out, so we decided to go spend some time outside. We brought along some stylish sunnies and rubber ducky friends and sat poolside to soak up the sunshine. I have to say, it was perfect! It’s hard to believe that in two months, Zelda will be a year old (I may or may not have started thinking about her birthday party…). Where does the time go?!



zelda-sunnieszelda moderne childzelda-pool

Zelda’s Milestones
Three teeth, two bottom and one top.
On the move and fully crawling!

Very talkative, constantly babbling -can say momma, dada, and all done!

Harley has trained her to be his professional toy thrower.
Graduated from her first baby swim class!