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The Magical Santa Suite at the Swissotel

Is visiting Santa still on your to-do list? If so, a visit to the Swissotel's Santa Suite is the only way to see him, trust me! This is the third year he's taken up residence in the hotel's gorgeous Presidential Suite for the holiday season, and it just gets better every year. Zelda and I are still in awe of …

Mac & Mia

A reason to kiss the postman! Picture this. You are in a store trying to buy your toddler some new clothes while she runs as fast as an Olympic sprinter in and around every rack and then decides to play hide n’ seek. You're then left screaming her name among glaring customers. Now picture this. You are in your home, music playing, …
Brooklee Boots

Gearing Up for Halloween with Redeux Kidz

School has started, pumpkin spice lattes are here and Halloween decorations are popping up in stores. Whether I like it or not, that chill in the air means fall is coming and I just can’t wrap my head around it. I’m not ready to say goodbye to rooftops and ice cream dates with my babe, but autumn brings it’s own …

Happy Birthday Zelda!

Two years ago today I was given the biggest blessing I could have ever dreamed of. The last two years have been filled with the largest smiles and the loudest laughs -- Zelda you light up my life in ways you will never know. Happy Birthday Baby Girl! I can’t believe I have a two-year-old!

Zelda Takes Bonpoint

Discover the magical world of Bonpoint, and I swear you’ll never look back.  This unbelievable children’s company not only carries the most beautifully made clothes, but their whimsical approach to luxury reminds you just how precious little clothes can be! The other day, I was asked to host a small gathering in the Chicago store to benefit YWCA and …
Princess Bubblegum Boots

Zelda HEARTS Vegan Leather

A great faux leather jacket is an essential piece to any wardrobe, big or small! It’s one of those key components that is so versatile it makes you wonder how you got along without it. I had been on the hunt for a good one for Zelda for some time, and let me tell you it was not easy. So many …
Jeweled Collar Top

Countdown to Spring!

Can you believe we've almost made it?! Spring is just five short days away, and the even better news is that it actually feels like it when you go outside! On one of the last really gross wintery days we had (not too long ago) Zelda and I attempted to go for a walk but quickly realized that Mother Nature had …
Graphic T-Shirt

Zelda’s Island Fashion

Ever since we recapped our amazing Jamaica trip, there have been a ton of super sweet inquiries asking for details on Zelda's island wardrobe. I'm not gonna lie, in my book this is one of the best parts getting ready for a vacation! I waited to start making purchases until we got Zelda's passport squared away (mamas, take my …
Peacock Sweater

LuckyLo for Zelda

Zelda's love for graffiti art (oh, and balloons) has been taken to new heights as we continue to discover cool new walls all over the country.  This of course, also makes for a ton of new photo backdrops and I'm running my FujiFilm X100t camera into overdrive!  With leather leggings and a floral bomber jacket, Zelda's …
Custom Sneakers

Let the Show Go On!

Zelda is growing up (sniff, sniff) and recently attended her first theater show at Chicago Children's Theater. Didn't you attend the theatre at 18 months!? *Lol*  This "big girl" adventure marked a first in her baby book (ok, I don't have one but it would if I did!) and there was absolutely no better place for this momentous …
Brooklee Boots
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