A Refreshing Summer Bite: Jamie Chandlee’s Greek Salsa

Jamie Chandlee spends her days finding the best of the best as the CEO of Rank & Style, a website that ranks fashion and beauty products using an algorithm to methodically search, aggregate and weigh publicly available data like user reviews, best seller lists, editors’ picks and blogger favorites. With the ability to find the crème …

Over the Rainbow St. Patrick’s Day Potato Bites

Zelda loves bacon and if she had it her way, she would eat it at every meal. As I was making our St. Patrick’s Day Irish Potato Bites I noticed she had sneakily taken the entire bowl of crumbled bacon to eat on the couch while she watched Micky Mouse Clubhouse. This year, I wanted to make something savory for …
Kerrygold Irish Butter

This Halloween Cheese Plate is So Good It’s Scary

If I sat Zelda down at her tiny white table and presented her with a chocolate candy and a piece of cheese she would choose the cheese every time. Since she has such an affinity for this yummy snack, I’ve been inspired to make her a little kid-friendly cheese plate for every holiday. I’ve also been …

How to Make Mara Menachem’s Fancy Brie in 3 Easy Steps

Warm cheese, fresh raspberries and a little jam -- that's all Mara Menachem’s Fancy Baked Raspberry Brie takes to make. After having made this decadent appetizer, I’ve moved it right to the top of my must make again for holiday list (which I can’t believe is right around the corner!). Zelda and I made this, grabbed our favorite …
Cheese Knives

Goat Cheese & Pineapple Bacon Bites

The title of this recipe speaks for itself -- Goat Cheese & Pineapple Bacon Bites. Once we heard the name, we didn’t need much more incentive to hit the kitchen. We wanted to eat these ASAP so we went straight to work, frying the bacon on the grill pan to make it extra crispy! It’s even better than it sounds …
Serving Dish

Pico de Gallo with Star Chips

It’s almost officially summer (and it finally actually feels like it) which means we are hitting up the Green City Farmers Market on a regular basis. Who doesn’t love farm fresh fruits and veggies? With little Zelda’s ever expanding palate we’ve been getting a little more adventurous with what we allow her to try (we’ve recently found out …
Cookie Cutters

Bacon & Dill Cucumber Roll Ups

As I’ve mentioned before Zelda is a rockstar when it comes to eating her veggies. And with her willingness to expand her palate, I’ve been branching out with what I’ve been giving her to eat. These Bacon & Dill Cucumber Roll Ups were our most recent venture into uncharted territory. As I suspected she might, she ended up dismantling the …
Tea Towels

Game Day Dip

Rad Mom Sarah Boyd knows what it’s like to feed a house full of hungry boys! Up until giving birth to her first daughter earlier this month, she was living in a house full of 3 hungry men – her husband and two stepsons, Austin, 14 and Arion, 10. So how does this busy mama find the time …


We can totally appreciate a Chicago mama who likes to keep things simple in the kitchen. With a little who loves Guacamole, Emily Hard has her go-to guac recipe down to just 5 ingredients and you basically just combine them in a bowl and mash. Pretty easy, right?!
Mortar & Pestle

Kids & Adults Holiday Cheese Plate

Now that I have a little that can actually partake in the holiday cheese plate I found myself being super conscious of what I was putting on it (no nuts this year!). Instead, I opted for a ton of fruit and veggies and notoriously kid friendly cheeses, like cheddar cut into fun shapes and Parmigiano-Reggiano. Why the Parm-Reg? It's packed …
Cookie Stamp
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