French Toast Sticks with Mascarpone & Fresh Strawberries

Zelda is officially an active participant in the kitchen! Every Sunday morning, we wake up and make breakfast (Zelda sits right on top of the counter). Last week we made French Toast Sticks with Mascarpone and Strawberries. We took a chance and used sprouted grain bread (I hear it’s healthier) and with eggs, a little sugar and a …

Crock Pot Recipe: Greek Inspired Pulled Chicken Nachos

Zelda is half Greek, so we like to incorporate Mediterranean ingredients wherever possible. I’ve mentioned before that I love using the Crock-Pot, especially in the winter, and I’ve got shredded chicken down to a science. With the help of Wheat Thins toasted pita chips, I incorporated some of her favorite ingredients into these kid-friendly chicken nachos and they …
Toasted Pita Chips

Vanessa Lambert’s Strawberry Banana Yogurt Parfait

When you’re a creative entrepreneur, a mom to a five-year-old boy and over 35 weeks pregnant, it’s safe to say you’ve got a lot going on. Welcome to Rad Mom, Vanessa Lambert’s life. This super stylish mama is the voice behind the fashion and lifestyle blog, What Would V Wear. Since she doesn’t have a ton of time …
Mason Jars

Last Minute Recipes: Valentine’s Day Treats

For those of you who totally blanked that today was Valentine's Day, Zelda and I are coming to the rescue. We pulled together our favorite last minute Valentine's Day treats (most of which are under 5 ingredients) so you can surprise your special someone with something delicious. You can thank us later! 

Double Cookie Chocolate Brownies

If you made any New Year’s resolutions about cutting down on your sugar intake, Double Cookie Chocolate Brownies are worth bending the rules for. They’re simple, delicious and don’t take an entire afternoon to make – in short, all the qualities I look for in a dessert. To make myself feel a tiny bit better about eating something so indulgent …
Glutino Cookies

Valentine’s Day Panda Chow

Move over puppy chow, panda chow is taking over Valentine’s Day! We used gluten-free and wheat-free Peanut Butter Panda Puffs Cereal instead of Chex, and since there is already peanut butter in the cereal, we also got to omit that messy step involving peanut butter with traditional puppy chow. After we mixed in some yummy chocolate candy from …
Peanut Butter Panda Puffs

Gluten-Free Chicken Noodle Soup

The rainy weather makes everything more difficult. Each morning I fight the urge to pull myself deeper under the covers. Once I finally extract myself from the bed, I try to give myself things to look forward to throughout the day, even if it’s something as little as a grabbing a little cuddle from Zelda before I head out the …
Gluten-Free Pasta

IPS Chips Walking Tacos

Inspired by the Cooking Channel’s Junk Food Flip, I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen to try and put a healthier spin on some of my favorite junk food (sadly, I haven’t found a substitute for Oreos). As a mom, I really strive to make sure Zelda eats as healthy as possible, and lucky for me, she isn’t at …
IPS Chips

4 Easy Ways to Make Edible Glitter at Home

So you want to jazz up your baked goods but you’re not sure how? Edible glitter - that's our answer to everything! Store bought glitter can get expensive and even worse, it can be toxic if certain items on the labels don't feel familiar. That's why our friends at Shari's Berries decided to try 4 methods for making glitter you can …
Airbrush Food Coloring

5 Delicious Rice Cake Toppings for Snack Time

While reaching for a plain rice cake is easier, sometimes snack time needs a little more oomph. These five rice cake toppings are simple, yet still above and beyond delicious. While most of these contain ingredients that most people would automatically associate with healthy, there are a few on here that might raise some eyebrows. For instance, dark …
Hue Dinner Plate
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