IPS Chips Walking Tacos

Inspired by the Cooking Channel’s Junk Food Flip, I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen to try and put a healthier spin on some of my favorite junk food (sadly, I haven’t found a substitute for Oreos). As a mom, I really strive to make sure Zelda eats as healthy as possible, and lucky for me, she isn’t at …
IPS Chips

4 Easy Ways to Make Edible Glitter at Home

So you want to jazz up your baked goods but you’re not sure how? Edible glitter - that's our answer to everything! Store bought glitter can get expensive and even worse, it can be toxic if certain items on the labels don't feel familiar. That's why our friends at Shari's Berries decided to try 4 methods for making glitter you can …
Airbrush Food Coloring

5 Delicious Rice Cake Toppings for Snack Time

While reaching for a plain rice cake is easier, sometimes snack time needs a little more oomph. These five rice cake toppings are simple, yet still above and beyond delicious. While most of these contain ingredients that most people would automatically associate with healthy, there are a few on here that might raise some eyebrows. For instance, dark …
Hue Dinner Plate

Fit Mom Butternut Squash Quinoa Salad

After seven straight days of eating dessert over the holiday break my body was begging me to take a serious sugar detox. On my quest to a nutritious 2017 I started thinking while I love leafy greens, there’s only so much lettuce, kale and spinach a girl can eat. I began doing a little research into healthy grains. …
Champagne Vinegar

Cheers to 2017: New Years Eve Mocktails

In a few days we’ll be saying goodbye to 2016 and hello to the new year! Whether you decide to celebrate with your babes noon year’s style or stay up with them into 2017, they should be able to participate in the fun festivities. And what’s a fun event without a fabulous drink? Zelda and I made a …

Easy-to-Make Christmas Morning Baked Banana Pancakes

It’s easy to work up an appetite on Christmas morning. Whether your crew eats before or after presents, breakfast shouldn’t be a big production (especially if you’re eating before). Instead of turning to toast as an easy way out, we’re opting for our baked banana pancakes! You can make the homemade mix the night before (courtesy of Rad Mom,

Just for Santa: Sprinkle Fortune Cookies with Shots of Milk

Zelda and I were having a chat about what type of cookies to put out for Santa this year and decided we wanted to give him something a little out-of-the-box. We both know that Santa is the world’s biggest cookie aficionado, so we knew this was going to be a challenge. We passed over gluten-free chocolate chip,
Rainbow Sprinkles

Charlotte Betts’ Favorite Pumpkin Bread

Self-proclaimed pumpkin fanatic, Rad Mom and techie by day and online retailer by night, Charlotte Betts has introduced us to the notion that pumpkin bread isn't just for fall. This deliciously fluffy baked good is appropriate for every holiday (and all those days between). This is a fantastic recipe to make with littles, it's all pouring and stirring …
Mixing Bowls

Cookie Crisp Crock Pot Hot Chocolate in 3 Easy Steps

Zelda and I are in full hibernation mode on the weekends now that temps have dropped. She’s really embracing the holidays (she slept underneath the Christmas tree last weekend), so I’ve been finding ways to perpetuate her holiday joy. As we were watching Christmas movies on Sunday, I really started craving hot chocolate and found myself wishing I could make …
Crock Pot

How to Make Healthy Spicy Salmon with Fit Mom Natalie Glusman

As the owner of Be Preggo, Be Fit, my longtime friend Natalie Glusman inspires moms to stay in shape during and after pregnancy! Her workouts are customized to your needs and she understands the importance of having delicious and healthy meals that compliment her program, your growing baby (and appetite) or your desire to get back …
Gilded Plates
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