Back to School Items You May Have Forgotten

Today little Z and I made an appearance on  You & Me This Morning to dish on all of our favorite back to school items that you may have forgotten! These budget friendly items won’t break the bank and are super useful for babes of all ages. 

1. Lenscrafters Clarifye Eye Exam: Clarifye is a more precise, comprehensive exam. It’s ideal for young kids because the exam’s digital capabilities reduce the need for children to make their own vision assessments.

2. OmieBox by OmieLife: This is the only lunch box that lets parents pack hot and cold foods together, so you can feel good sending littles off to school or daycare with a tasty meal they’ll wanna eat! 

3. Fluf Snack Bags: With a variety of rad prints, babes will love carrying these. 

4. MiFold Booster Seat: It’s more than 10 times smaller than a normal booster which makes it perfect for travel!

5. FabKids: For only $30 a month your little can have adorable clothes delivered right to your door. Skip the dressing room meltdowns! 


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